Jeremy loves a lefty

Quick update on our quest to use Citizen Science to find a mate for Jeremy, our ultra-rare left-coiling garden snail, with more to follow.

Our shellebrity snail has found love, not once but twice! He/she featured once again all over the news. Listen again to the full R4 Today Interview or see a selection of the newspaper and internet coverage. BBC News, BBC News, BBC R4 Today, BBC R4 Pick of the Week, CBBC Newround, BBC TV East Evening News, BBC TV East Midland Evening News, Telegraph, Mirror, Daily Mail, NPR, Metro, CBC, RTE Ireland, The Atlantic, Celebrity Yahoo, Techcrunch etc (more links to follow). Frankly, it has all gone a bit bonkers.

Although this might be viewed as a silly science story, as before the press have been very good to highlight the deeper issues involved. I have managed to bring the origins of body asymmetry, frequency dependent selection, inbreeding and sexual conflict into the discussion.