Origins of left and right

Our article on the origins of left and right in snails and frogs is featured on the front cover of the journal (image: Ester de Roij) and in a Dispatch article written by Florian Madersprecher. The article has also featured on many different science news sites, including Nature, TheAtlantic, Wall Street Hedge, Christian Science Monitor, Smithsonian, Nottingham Post, La Razon, LaInformacion, El Economista. Snail asymmetry is also quite popular on Twitter and the article has also been rated as "exceptional" on Faculty of 1000.

Mark Blaxter and myself were also separately interviewed for Newsdrive BBC Radio Scotland the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk radio in Dublin, Ireland. There is also a video that the communications team at the University put together. Congratulations team!