Material Whorld

The just published PLOS ONE paper has received considerable coverage in the media, including Nature, the BBC, ScienceNow and The Times, amongst others. One article was even thoughtful enough to recount my recipe for cooking Cepaea - Nidhi Subbaraman's article for NBCUniversal. The highlight of all this media attention was an appearance on the venerable BBC Radio 4 science programme, Material World - it was a slightly poignant visit to Bush House in London, because I got to witness Quentin Cooper's final ever show (podcast available, June 20th).

On a slightly lighter note (and slightly off topic for this website), I was able to revel in the fact that we were in the same studio as Woman's Hour!

We are grateful to Lauren Holden, Nottingham photography alumunus for supplying plentiful photos to illustrate the story. They have now been let loose on the web.

Cepaea nemoralis (Lauren Holden)