MRes and Msci

The School of Biology runs two separate Masters Courses, a Master of Research (MRes) that is aimed at external students wishing to undertake a year long project in one of our research laboratories, and an Master of Science (MSci) that is only open to internal undergraduates.

I am able to offer MRes courses in a wide variety of subjects, including but not limited to Population and Evolutionary Genetics, Developmental Biology, Ecology and Animal Behaviour. Contact me for further information.

If you are a third year undergraduate at Nottingham, and are considering my lab for your fourth year MSci research project, but not certain what we do, then I would encourage you to to contact me in advance. Previous titles have been: Molecular genetics of left-right asymmetry; Evolution of colour polymorphism; The causes of behavioural handedness in snails; Are ‘mirror image’ snails perfect mirror images?; Imaging ‘Sex and darts in slugs and snails’ – (‘Photography and imaging’ module a requirement). Some of these projects have led to publications, including undergraduate authorship - see Publications page.

Ordinarily, the projects that I have offer are open to development/input by the student. For example, 2011-12 we hosted three Msci and one MRes students, two working on Evolutionary Molecular Genetics, one on Evo-Devo and another on Animal Behaviour.