Daphne Jackson Trust fellow Dr Tamsin Majerus

Tamsin is using RAD-Seq to investigate the colour polymorphism of ladybirds.

BBSRC funded PhD student Harriet Johnson

Harriet is one of our newest additions, having just joined us in September 2011. She has a 1st class degree, as well as an MRes from Bangor, and also worked for Illumina before joining us in September 2011. Research that she completed as part of her degree was published in Nature Communications. Further details on her project in my lab to follow.

Past staff and employees - not a complete list

Dr Mengning (Maureen) Liu

Maureen was the PDRA on the BBSRC funded grant 'Unwinding snail chirality'. She is now working as a Software Engineer at Metaswitch Networks.

Associate Professor Jie (Hannah) Han

Hannah was a visiting Professor from the College of Life Science, Beijing Normal University, China, also working on the snail chirality project.

PhD student Paul Richards

Paul Richards joined us in September 2009 and has now graduated. He has a first class Masters degree from Sheffield University, where he completed a project with Prof Roger Butlin. During his time at Nottingham, Paul investigated the supergene of Cepaea nemoralis, as well as trying to understand the problem of chirality in Euhadra. Paul is now Policy Officer for the Society for General Microbiology.

MRes students:

Féaron Cassidy

Féaron was a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and worked on Lymnaea development. She has since gone on to a funded PhD position at Queen Mary College

Simon Boardman

Simon is now a cytogeneticist at Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

Natalie Lowe

Natalie is a research assistant at the University of Edinburgh and has just registered for a PhD.

BBSRC funded rotation PhD student Siobhan Simpson

Siobhan Simpson joined us for the first part of her three part lab rotation, as part of a BBSRC funded PhD studentship. Siobhan comes to us following not one but two masters degrees: an MSc in Biodiversity Management at the Durrell Institute and an MSc in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis from the University of Edinburgh. Previously, she completed a degree at the University of Edinburgh in Evolutionary Biology - her supervisor was Mark Blaxter, with whom we collaborate closely. She is now undertaking a PhD at the University of Nottingham, based in the Vet School.

MSci students:

Nieves Guijarro and Clare Adams

Nieves and Clare joinined the lab as part of the final year project for their University of Nottingham MSci degree